How to Design an Impressive Podcast Cover Art that Stand Out

Excellent content is at the heart of a good podcast. But you cannot ignore the visual aspect linked with podcasts. Before your audience tunes into your podcast, they notice your cover art. It can play an important role in giving them the first impression of the podcast.

Notably, there are over 750,000 podcasts on various platforms like Spotify, iTunes etc. In this cluttered space, if you want your podcast to stand out, you need visual content that will engage your audience. You need visuals that will hold them back from scrolling through your podcasts. Impressive cover art can speak a lot about what your podcast is about. It is said that, Apple considers artwork an important feature as it selects podcasts to be found in the new and entertaining sections. Going forward, we will look at some things to keep in mind when designing a podcast cover.

Things to Keep in Mind while designing an Impressive Cover Art:

Consider Demographics: The initial step in before deciding on a podcast cover is to be clear about the title of your podcast. However, that is not all. You also need to always remember your target audience. As the main objective of your web recording is to stand out and get noticed.

First, you need to consider the demographics of your audience like age and gender. You additionally need to consider basic interests they may have. Will your audience be familiar with the topics you include in your podcast?

These are a few things you can look into before creating a podcast cover as they help you add clarity and determine the tone of your podcast content.

Remember Cover Size: Your audience can view your podcast photos on their phones, PC’s or tabs. You need to remember this while planning your cover. It should look good on screens of any size.

Fortunately, the format requirements for podcast covers are the same for most platforms — the size should be 3000 x 3000 pixels.

When designing podcasts cover, you need to make sure they look good anywhere, from the big screen to the app on your phone. Make sure, to create files with relevant extensions in PNG or JPEG format. You should also make sure that the podcast cover is designed taking into account the color of the RGB space.

Above all, the podcast cover should look extraordinary on both screens and on the thumbnail. Make sure your design stays in place, whether it is stretched or large.

Keep It Simple: Simplicity is the fundamental key to build a decent podcast cover. You don’t have to occupy your art work with complicated things to make it look good and engaging. Instead, choose a simple clean design with good quality.

A good idea is to use a simple image that fits your podcast. Alternatively, you can add words to the logo or background. Choose Contrast Colors Using the right colors can be a great way to make your podcast stand out from the crowd. First, check out some of the podcasts in your category. If most of them use a dark background, you may want to choose something bright and colorful. Choose a color that is different from the others. In addition, you can use a combination of different colors to make your art more attractive.


Whether you know it or not, your podcast is an extension of your product/service. Thus, it’s important to follow your brand guidelines, so that the branding stays consistent even on your cover.

This will not only make your brand furthermore visible but also make it more attractive to the right audience. It is also a good idea to use a similar color scheme, label line and logo that of your business.

No to General Visual: Microphones, Headphones, Microphones, or mics — These are the most widely used static graphics on podcast art covers. If your topic is not podcasting, there is no point to use such images, as that doesn’t blend with the topic of your podcast.

Similarly, when you talk about romantic relationships, you don’t necessarily need to use hearts. Be creative and choose something very different.

Do not use too many fonts and make sure the text on the cover should be clear. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the fonts you choose. Ideally, you should choose bold fonts and clear letters. Also, keep in mind that too many fonts can confuse you and ruin your design.

Conclusion: Remember, just like any other business, there is stiff competition in the podcasting space but with an impressive art cover, you can grab the attention of your target listeners and make a great first connection.

So, follow the tips and come up with an exclusive, eye-catching, and engaging design for your podcast art cover.

Thank you for reading

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